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Expert Hoarding Cleanup in NJ

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Hoarding Cleanup

The Restoration Group

What is Hoarding Disorder?

According to the Mayo Clinic, Hoarding is a mental health disorder in which a person finds it difficult to part with the excessive collection of possessions, even if the items he holds have no value. These people have emotional sentiments toward their belongings. They store those objects for future use.

As a result, the clutter gets collected in the living spaces, leading to unsanitary conditions. Such acts can disrupt others’ routines and relationships. Once you recognize hoarding as a psychological disorder, looking for its therapy becomes compulsory. Consider professional support from hoarding cleanup services in NJ. They have the skills and expertise to help individuals address the underlying issues.

The Restoration Group

Types of Hoarding

We offer a wide range of hoarding cleanup services in NJ to address your diverse needs. We are equipped with multiple modern tools to handle physical and emotional scenarios. Our Hoarding Cleanup services include:

Animal Hoarding

Food Hoarding

Paper Hoarding

Collectible Hoarding

Trash Hoarding

Shopping Hoarding

Sentimental Hoarding

Call our professional today for any hoarding cleanup service in NJ.

The Restoration Group

Trusted Partner for Hoarding Cleanup in NJ

The Restoration Group professionals understand the uncommon challenges of hoarding situations. We have specially trained professionals dedicated to this hardcore job, which may look easy, but in reality, it isn’t. Our professionals restore your home’s safety and order. By keeping your confidentiality and privacy, we efficiently declutter, clean, and organize your living space. Apart from dealing with physical clutter, we also treat emotional confusion. Whether you have small-scale clutter or a severe hoarding situation, The Restoration Group is here to help. For any hoarding cleanup need in NJ, call us today.

Hoarding Cleanup

The Restoration Group

Different Hoarding Levels

Hoarding is classified into 5 different levels. These classifications of levels depend on the following:

Ability to move throughout the space

The number of areas affected

Foul odors

Overall condition of the space

Hoarding Cleanup

Level 1:

The home is cluttered, but you still have vacant places to move around.
Hoarding Cleanup

Level 2

There exist narrow pathways in the rooms to move around. The kitchen also contains spoiled food and a rotten smell.

Hoarding Cleanup

Level 3

In homes with multiple rooms, some of them are completely filled up with clutter. The kitchen is also accumulated with dust and dirt. n smell.
Hoarding Cleanup

Level 4

You may find insects, mold, and mildew in multiple places. Sewage problems and other such issues are prominent. Unsanitary and bio-hazardous conditions may also exist.
Hoarding Cleanup

Level 5

90% of the home is unusable and unsafe for the habitant. Due to non-managerial skills, power issues, plumbing issues, and other major issues become prominent. Rooms are inaccessible, and clutter can be seen even outside the house.

For any level of Hoarding Cleanup Service, call our Hoarding Cleanup Company today!

Why Choose The Restoration Group

Opting for a professional hoarding cleanup service instead of junk removal or DIY hacks is necessary. Hoarding situations involve health and safety hazards such as mold and structural damage. To counter such issues, you need experts with specialized equipment. Professionals are trained to handle on-spot hoarding cleanup issues then and there with greater efficiency and professionalism. You may doubt that a junk removal or decluttering service provider will not care for the emotional well-being of affected individuals, but a hoarding cleanup service provider will.

For a professional Hoarding Cleanup Company in NJ, Call us now.

The Restoration Group


Is it necessary to involve a professional hoarding cleanup service?
Professional services are crucial due to the safety and emotional complexities involved. We have the expertise to address hoarding with compassion, safety, and efficiency.
Is the cleanup process safe for my health?
We prioritize safety. We address potential health hazards like mold, pests, and structural damage to ensure safety during and after cleanup.
Will my privacy be respected during the cleanup?
We maintain strict confidentiality. Your privacy and dignity are our top priorities.
Can you assist with finding mental health support for hoarding issues?
We provide resources and referrals to mental health professionals specializing in hoarding disorders to address the underlying issues.
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