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The Restoration Group

Expert Ice Damming Solution in New Jersey

Nothing is prettier than snow falling in New Jersey. But this snow brings the risk of ice Damming on the roof. Don’t worry! The Restoration Group is here to assist you. Our experts clear the ice Damming from your home’s interior and exterior.

Ice dams are a general problem in areas with cold climates. It happens when snow creates a barrier and prevents it from further melting. This trapped water can damage the roof and lead to leaks. It can even damage your home’s structural integrity.

If you are dealing with ice Damming, call The Restoration Group. We provide perfect ice Damming solutions in New Jersey.

The Restoration Group

Bonded & Insured Ice Dam Removal

Ice dams can be unsafe and damage your roof if not done by experts. Our qualified professionals will remove the snow from the roof in a safe manner. We use low-pressure steamers to cut the ice that does not melt using hot water.

At The Restoration Group, our team is fully licensed and insured. They take all the precautions before starting the ice dam removal. We have been in this field for over a decade and provide the best solution in New Jersey services.

The Restoration Group

Our Ice Damming Services

The Restoration Group offers a wide range of services to prevent ice Damming issues, including:

Ice Dam Removal

Our expert technicians effectively equip the latest tools and equipment. They clear the ice dam without causing any damage.

Roof Inspection

We thoroughly conduct roof inspections to identify areas prone to ice Damming. After inspection, they inspect the roof and recommend necessary repairs.

Insulation and Ventilation

Proper ventilation and insulation are very important to prevent ice dams. Our experts will assess your home’s ventilation and insulation of your property for dam prevention.

Gutter Maintenance

A well-maintained gutter prevents ice Damming. A clogged gutter creates a blockage, and water does not drain. We maintain and clean the gutter to ensure proper water drainage.

Roof Repairs

Our team will provide reliable repairs to restore its integrity if your roof has been damaged due to ice dams.

Are you dealing with ice Damming at your place? Call us now.

The Restoration Group

Why Choose The Restoration Group?

The Restoration Group

Tips For Ice Dam Prevention?

Proper Insulation

Make sure that your attic is properly insulated. It helps maintain a regular temperature, preventing snow from melting and creating ice dams.


Attic ventilation also helps regulate temperature and humidity. Sufficient ventilation allows for adequate airflow and prevents ice from melting.

Seal Gaps and Leaks

Sealing all the gaps and cracks prevents warm air from escaping. Closely check the pipes, chimneys, and vents for any signs of cracks.

Roof Inspection

Regularly inspect your roof for signs of damage, such as missing or damaged shingles, and repair them promptly. A well-maintained roof is less prone to ice Damming.

Gutter Guards

Install gutter guards because it help prevent debris accumulation and reduce the risk of an ice dam.

Roof Raking

Use a roof rake to remove excess snow from your roof carefully after heavy snow. Be cautious not to damage your shingles in the process.

Don’t let ice Damming damage your roof this winter. Call The Restoration Group for an ice dam solution in New Jersey.

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