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Interior Demolition

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Interior Demolition

The Restoration Group

What is Interior Demolition

Interior demolition is the process of systematically dismantling the selective part of the structure. It is preferred in buildings where internal changes are needed without compromising structural integrity. Interior demolition is also known as “soft demolition” because it focuses on removing non-structural elements without demolishing the entire building. It includes interior elements like walls, ceilings, floors, fixtures, and other components, of which The Restoration Group is expert of in entire New Jersey.


Making Way for Your Vision

Making Way for Your Vision

When & Why Interior Demolition

Interior demolition is always a healthy choice when it comes to comparison between the entire building and interior demolition itself. If the structural integrity of a structure is intact, then opting for interior demolition is a wise choice. It not only saves your time, effort, and money but also reduces the environmental impact by reducing waste. It can be opted for both residential or commercial premises. Consider interior demolition when:

Renovation or Remodeling a property.

Repurposing spaces like converting a retail store into an office or a restaurant.

Looking to remove hazardous material like asbestos removal, lead-based paint, or mold.

Structural repairs for damaged support beams, columns, or foundations.

Restoration of historic buildings.

Buildings that require environmental upgrades like installation of energy-efficient systems.

The success of interior demolition projects depends upon careful planning, safety considerations, and compliance with local regulations. The Restoration Group offers careful planning, safety considerations, and compliance with local regulations for all your interior demolition projects and ensures 100% success.

Why DIY Isn't Enough

Why Professional Interior Demolition is Recommended

Interior demolition requires skilled labor with extensive expertise for the successful completion of the projects. The technicians must be trained to use the latest tools and equipment along with in-depth knowledge of local laws and regulations. A person with DIY hacks is unfit for this job and may become the victim of legal penalties. Furthermore, health risks and costly repairs will make things even worse. Therefore, always hire a professional interior demolition company for your assistance. You may not find a better one than The Restoration Group.
Interior Demolition

The Restoration Group

The NJ Demand for Interior Demolition

New Jersey is known for its diverse architectural heritage and ongoing urban development. The revitalization of industrial buildings in cities like Newark and Jersey City has recently led to numerous interior demolition projects. Modern interior demolition projects aim at converting old factories into stylish offices and restaurants. This shift towards interior demolition projects has added beauty to New Jersey’s architectural heritage. For ultimate interior demolition in NJ, call us today!
Interior Demolition

The Restoration Group

Safety Preparation for Interior Mold in Your Attic

Safety preparations are the first and foremost requirement for any project, whether commercial water damage restoration, Asbestos Testing, or Hoarding Cleanup. Similarly, interior demolition also requires certain safety preparation before the project begins.

The Restoration Group

Why Choose The Restoration Group

Experienced and skilled Professionals

Legal Compliance & Safety Protocols

Hazardous Material Handling for Environmental Responsibility

Safety Equipment

Liability Coverage

Transparent & Upfront Pricing

The Restoration Group


Do I need permits for interior demolition?

You may need permits for interior demolition. The specific requirements vary by location and the extent of the demolition, so it’s essential to check with local authorities.

How much does interior demolition cost?

The cost of interior demolition depends on factors like the size of the project, the materials involved, and the complexity of the work. We provide a customized quote for the projects we undertake.

What happens to the debris and waste after demolition?

Debris is typically sorted and disposed of responsibly. We recycle salvageable materials and dispose of hazardous materials per regulations.

How long does interior demolition take?

The duration of interior demolition depends on the project’s size and complexity. A small renovation project may take a few days, while larger commercial projects could take weeks

Do I need to vacate the property during interior demolition?

Depending on the extent of the work, it may be necessary to vacate the premises temporarily for safety reasons. This will be discussed with you during the planning phase.

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