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The Leading Water Damage Restoration Experts in Garfield NJ

Don't let water damage ruin your home or business. As the top professionals in Garfield, The Restoration Group is here to help anytime water threatens the safety of your home.

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Water Damage Restoration

The Restoration Group

Understanding Water Damage Restoration in Garfield NJ

Have you discovered water damage in your home or business and don’t know where to start? Water issues like leaks, floods, and pipe bursts can cause extensive harm if not addressed promptly. But what exactly is involved in the water damage restoration process? Water restoration involves several key steps: immediate extraction of standing water, advanced drying methods to eliminate excess moisture, dehumidification until optimal conditions are reached, antimicrobial treatment to prevent mold growth, and reconstructive repairs to complete the job. The Restoration Group has the tools and expertise to assess the situation and get your property to dry safely and efficiently. 

 Contact us today to learn how our experienced team can evaluate your property and design a custom restoration plan to resolve water issues and prevent further damage. 

The Restoration Group

Common Water Damage Mistakes to Avoid in Garfield

It’s easy to make mistakes when dealing with water emergencies alone. Here are a few things homeowners frequently do that can worsen water problems: 

  •  Failing to act quickly once water is discovered. Within a few hours, mold can start to form. 
  • Relying only on fans and dehumidifiers for drying. Professional extraction is often needed for a thorough job.   
  • Not determining the water source. Residual moisture leads to repeat problems. 
  • Removing wet materials too soon. Everything must dry fully to inhibit mold growth. 
  • Overlooking hard-to-see areas like wall cavities during cleanup. Trapped water causes hidden damage.  

 Don’t risk your family’s health or put off necessary repairs. Contact The Restoration Group right away for professional assistance. 

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Our Complete Suite of Water Damage Services

Whether you have a small leak or a major flood to deal with, our team provides the following specialized services: 

Residential Water Damage Restoration

For all sizes of homes, we have the tools and expertise to assess damage and remove all water indoors and out.

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

Larger-scale projects like burst pipes in a business require commercial-grade equipment and logistical planning, which is our specialty.

Sewage Backup Response

From toilets to main lines, sewage spills pose serious risks without highly-trained sewage remediators on the case.

Mold Remediation 

After restoration, removing any existing mold is crucial to protect occupant health thoroughly in the long term.

Contents Drying and Dehumidifying

We safely and rapidly dry all affected materials, whether documents, drywall, flooring, or furnishings.

Water Damage Restoration services in NJ


Your Local Water Damage Restoration Company

The Restoration Group understands the unique needs and challenges of residents and businesses in Garfield. From Outwater Lane to the beauty of Garfield Dog Park, we’ve been there to help locals recover from water-related disasters. Our familiarity with the area and commitment to exceptional service have earned us a reputation as Garfield’s go-to water damage restoration company. Whether you live near  Dahnert’s Lake or operate a business along Midland Avenue, you can count on our team to provide prompt, personalized, and reliable service.  

 Call The Restoration Group now, and let your local water damage restoration experts help you get back on your feet. 


The Restoration Group As Your Water Damage Partner

When water strikes, our highest priorities are your safety, health, and complete restoration results.  

  • 24/7 emergency services with guaranteed same-day responses. No delays when seconds count!   
  • 100% customer satisfaction through effective communication and meticulous standards. 
  • Licensed, insured, and bonded restoration contractors specializing solely in water mitigation. 
  • Supported by many insurance providers for a seamless claims process.  
  • Ongoing training ensures we apply the newest techniques and always meet certification requirements. 

 You are assured of prompt and proficient service whenever water damage accidents occur. Don’t face flooding or plumbing disasters alone! 

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