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Air Quality Testing in NJ

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The Restoration Group

Professional Air Quality Testing Service in New Jersey

The Restoration Group offers air quality testing/sampling for problems including mold bacteria, allergens, lead, asbestos, and chemical presence. We provide assistance to improve indoor quality. Call us today and book an appointment for air quality testing in New Jersey.

The Restoration Group

Comprehensive Air Quality Testing

We can test for a wide variety of air contaminants, including:

After collecting the results, we implement the most suitable solutions to restore the air quality at your place.

The Restoration Group

Factors Affecting Indoor Air Quality

Generally, a person spends almost 90% time indoors. Children and adults spend even more time inside the home. Compromised air quality affects your health and generates airborne diseases. Multiple factors affect indoor air quality, including:

Indoor Air Pollutants

These include cigarette smoke, cooking smoke, dirty air ducts, pet dander, etc

Outdoor air Pollutants

Outdoor pollutants also affect indoor air quality. It includes dust, car smoke, chemical release, etc.

Environmental conditions, including humidity

Poor ventilation, etc

If your indoor air quality is compromised, call The Restoration Group for air quality testing in New Jersey.

The Restoration Group

Call Us for Mold-Oriented Air Quality Testing

The Restoration Group specializes in providing detail-oriented air quality testing focusing on identifying and addressing mold removal, mold Inspection, issues. Mold is a very common concern of almost every homeowner. It not only cause health issues but compromises your home’s structural integrity. Our expert team uses the latest equipment and techniques to achieve accurate results.

We begin with inspecting your place to locate the source of mold growth. Afterward, we take samples from multiple areas to check the concentration and perform testing. Once done with air quality testing, our experts will recommend mold restoration. We aim to help our clients achieve a healthy indoor environment by addressing air problems, including mold growth.

Are you ready to experience accurate indoor air quality testing with the best solution? Call us now.

The Restoration Group

Health Symptoms from Poor Indoor Air Quality

Are you suffering from any of these symptoms? Call us now.

The Restoration Group

Why Choose The Restoration Group for Air Quality Testing?

The Restoration Group specializes in air quality testing. We have been in this industry for over a decade and have identified and addressed multiple air quality issues. With the use of the latest equipment, our team ensures accurate results. We know mold can compromise health and structural integrity. Therefore, our Professional experts prioritize the health and safety of your property.

When you hire us, we ensure:

Call The Restoration Group today and book an appointment for air quality testing in New Jersey.

The Restoration Group

Why is Air Quality Testing Important?

Health Protection

Air quality testing helps identify and remove harmful pollutants and allergens from the indoor air.

Respiratory Health

This testing ensures indoor air is free from contaminants that can trigger asthma.

Environmental Impact

Monitoring indoor air quality contributes towards a clean and healthy environment.

Structural Integrity

It helps detect and address mold growth and moisture and helps prevent damage to the structural integrity of your property.

Energy Efficiency

Improved air quality can lead to better performance of HVAC. It helps save on energy bills.

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