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Comfortable Mold Inspection In NJ

Mold Inspection Services In New Jersey

Did you experience a flood or leak in your home? Are there any visible signs of mold? Call The Restoration Group and get a home mold inspection today.

Mold Inspection Services
Mold Inspection service

The Restoration Group

Why Is Mold Inspection Important?

Every home has a hidden story woven into its walls, floors, and ceilings. Health hazards such as mold emerge silently and develop into health hazards.

Mold is invisible to the human eye and grows in damp places. Beyond its unsightly appearance, these spores cause multiple issues, including respiratory problems, allergies, asthma, etc. If you feel the presence of mold in your home, call The Restoration Group for a thorough mold inspection. We are among the best mold inspection and mold testing companies in New Jersey.

The Restoration Group

Get Mold Inspection and Testing by Experts

The Restoration Group is among the top mold testing companies in NJ. Our experts are well-trained and certified. They are experienced in handling commercial and residential buildings for mold inspection and testing.

Our mold inspection specialists search all the places and take samples for testing. They take samples from air, moist places, and mold samples to check the mold type and amount. After testing, they will generate a report and determine the best course of action based on the results. Our inspectors will walk you through every step to make you understand how to protect your home from mold.

Mold Inspection service

The Restoration Group

Our Mold Inspection Process

Initial Consultation

Before diving into the inspection. From your insights, we will understand your situation, discuss the visible sigma, and make a foundation for our investigation.

Comprehensive Visual Assessment

Our experts will conduct a walkthrough of the suspected areas, looking for visible mold, water damage, and other potential indicators of mold presence.

Moisture and Humidity Testing

Mold grows in damp places. We will pinpoint the areas using hygrometers that are prone to mold growth.

Air Quality Testing

Mold permeates through air. We take air samples to test the air quality and determine the mold concentration in the air.

Surface Sampling

If the mold is visible, we will take the sample to know the mold type and concentration.

Detailed Report and Findings

Once the mold inspection is done, we will generate a detailed report to take prevention and treatment.

Mold Inspection service

The Restoration Group

We Identify Different Types of Mold and Their Implications

Mold is not just of one type. From famous black mold to less known, green and white varieties present their type of challenges and health hazards. Some of them provoke allergies and asthma, while others release mycotoxins.

At The Restoration Group, we identify the type of mold and provide detailed insights about their risks. We ensure 100% accurate results to make the best mold removal plan.

Are you looking for professional mold testing in New Jersey? Call us now.

The Restoration Group

Why Choose The Restoration Group For Mold Inspection Services in New Jersey

When it comes to mold inspection, we are among the best. Our team has the best equipment and expertise to collect samples and generate exact reports. They ensure every inspection is accurate, detailed, and insightful.

When it comes to rates, we offer affordable mold inspection services. We ensure 100% client satisfaction and quality services for the residents of New Jersey. Your home safety and health are our top priority. Our clients speak volumes about our precision and dedication.

Call us now and get a free quote.

Mold Inspection service

The Restoration Group


Why can't I just clean visible mold myself?

While surface mold can be cleaned, it often indicates a deeper, hidden infestation. Cleaning visible mold doesn’t address the root cause and can disturb mold spores, making them airborne.

Are all molds dangerous?

Not all molds are harmful. However, certain types release mycotoxins, which can pose health risks. Identifying and treating any mold is essential to ensure a safe living or working environment.

How do I know if I have a mold problem in my home or office?

Signs of mold include visible mold growth, a musty smell, discoloration on walls or ceilings, and health symptoms like allergies or respiratory issues. However, mold can also grow in hidden areas, so you must seek professional inspection if you suspect its presence.

After mold removal, will it come back?

With proper remediation, the mold should not return. However, if the underlying issues like moisture or leaks aren’t addressed, there’s a possibility for mold recurrence. It’s vital to ensure moisture control and regular maintenance to prevent future mold growth

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