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Smoke and Soot Removal

The Restoration Group

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Several reasons can cause smoke damage. Maybe there has been a fire breakout, which caused significant structural damage. Assuming a fire incident has occurred within your home, our fire damage restoration team can help you bring your damaged property back to its original pre-loss state. We also implement best practices to ensure there’s no smoke or soot remaining within your premises once we are done with the necessary repairs. Smoke is hazardous, whether from a fire breakout internal or external to your property. Smoke contains harmful chemicals, which, when breathed in, can cause respiratory illnesses and even have carcinogenic chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde that come from burning material such as carpets and furniture. Carbon monoxide itself is also poisonous and can be damaging to your health, and when breathed in, it can have a serious negative impact. If precautionary measures aren’t taken in a timely manner, it can lead to severe health issues, which can be long-lasting.

Step by Step Guide

Our Smoke Damage Cleanup Process

Step # 1

Our crew performs a complete assessment of the extent of fire damage your property has experienced and suggests the necessary steps required for cleanup.
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Step 01

Step # 2

We assess how much smoke is present and then use the necessary cleaning tools and reagents to clear out the smoke, clean up soot, and remove any debris.
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Step 02

Step # 3

As soon as the smoke cleanup is complete, we do one final check of whether there are still items that need to be cleaned up.
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Step 03

Step # 4

When everything has been done and completed, our trained staff will do one final check and take your feedback on the job.
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Step 04

Your Complete Cleanup Partner

Why Choose The Restoration Group for Smoke & Soot Removal?

At The Restoration Group, we care about your personal health as much as public health. Therefore, when there’s a risk of smoke and soot destruction caused within your property, our staff takes the necessary steps to clear your property from such damages for good. Whether there’s smoke or soot damage at your residential or commercial property, our certified staff will clear the property from all such damages for good. No matter what contents of your home got burned during the burning phase, our team will make the necessary repairs and clean up your property from smoke damage for good. Why should you choose our smoke and soot removal service in Pomona?
Smoke and Soot Removal

The Restoration Group

Why is Smoke Remediation Necessary?

Smoke damage can impact electronics adversely and can tamper with the heat-producing part of the device. The smoke that accumulates within these electronic devices can lead to short-circuiting. If you don’t want to end up replacing the electronic components, a professional damage restoration service implements the right remedies to ensure your electronic items are fully functional. There are places where smoke and soot may linger a while longer than the entire property. These can be areas such as ceiling fixtures, cabinets, HVAC systems, and other similar places. Also, if not taken care of tactfully, smoke can also leave behind a foul odor, which will not clear up even when you use a vacuum cleaner or other cleaning agents such as baking soda and white vinegar. Therefore, it is necessary to call in a professional smoke and soot removal service as they make use of methods like ozone treatment and thermal fogging to completely eliminate the unpleasant odor over large square footage.

The Restoration Group

How much does smoke and soot damage cost?
The average restoration cost can vary from a few hundred bucks to thousands of dollars. It depends on the extent of damage your property has experienced and the implementation measures taken to clear out the smoke and soot damage.
Can I clean up smoke and soot damage on my own?
While minor smoke and soot damage may be manageable with household cleaning products, extensive or severe damage requires professional assistance. DIY methods may not be sufficient to completely remove smoke odor or address hidden damage within the structure.
How does smoke and soot damage occur in a fire?
During a fire, the heat causes materials to burn incompletely, releasing smoke and soot particles. These particles can travel throughout the property, settling on surfaces and causing discoloration, odor, and potential health hazards.
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