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Dealing with Hidden Mold?

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Worried about invisible mold impacting your health or property? 

While visible mold raises alarms, the hidden kind can pose an even greater threat. The Restoration Group makes identifying and addressing concealed mold easy and affordable. Our expert technicians visit your home or workplace to conduct thorough swab tests in areas most susceptible to mold growth. 

We then send the samples to a certified laboratory for rigorous analysis. The results give you a clear picture of whether mold is present and its specific type, allowing us to take the ideal measures for mold remediation based on your unique situation. Don’t wait for costly damage or health concerns to arise. 

Swab testing from The Restoration Group provides complete comfort and empowers you to take proactive steps towards a healthier living environment. 

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How Swab Sampling Exposes Mold in Your Home?

While visible mold raises concerns, its stealthy cousin lurks hidden, potentially impacting your health. Swab sampling shines on these concealed threats, giving you the information needed to act. How does it work? Our trained technicians visit your home armed with sterile swabs specifically designed for mold detection. We meticulously target areas prone to mold growth, including:

Corners and crevices:

Swabs navigate tight spaces, capturing mold samples invisible to the naked eye.

Carpets and upholstery:

Swabs delve deep into fibers, unearthing mold hidden beneath the surface.

Windowsills and frames:

Moisture-prone areas are thoroughly swabbed to reveal potential mold growth.

Behind walls and under floorboards:

Accessing hidden spaces swabs expose concealed mold issues.

Air handlers (HVAC systems):

Swabs collect samples from crucial components, revealing mold growth within your ventilation system.

Identifying Mold Requires Expert Help

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While you might think you can recognize mold when you see it, relying solely on sight can be misleading. Even in well-lit areas, mold and dirt can look deceptively similar. 

And in dark corners or hidden spaces, distinguishing them becomes nearly impossible. That’s where professional mold testing comes in.

Trained professionals like ours utilize specialized methods, including swab tests, to identify the types of mold present precisely. 

This goes beyond what air samples can capture, revealing even hard-to-detect molds like Stachybotrys and Chaetomium.

Don’t risk your health with guesswork. Contact The Restoration Group today for expert mold testing in Pomona and accurate identification. 

The Restoration Group

How Swab Testing Reveals Hidden Mold Dangers

The swabs that we use are specifically designed & crafted from a polyester bicomponent fiber optimized to capture micro-organisms like mold. Sterile and user-friendly, our swab ensures your sample remains fully uncontaminated. Each swab is housed in a secure transport tube, protecting your sample during transit and making it effortless to mail back to our lab for expert analysis. The swab acts as a microscopic detective, collecting vital evidence to reveal the presence of different mold types which require remediation. 

Don’t wait for costly mold remediation. Identify potential issues early with a proactive mold test from The Restoration Group.

The Restoration Group

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the signs of mold in my home?

While visible mold growth like black or greenish patches is a clear sign, there are subtler ones, too. Look out for a musty odor, especially in basements or attics. If you experience unexplained respiratory issues like allergies or coughing, that could also be a clue. Remember, any water damage, even seemingly minor, can create suitable conditions for mold growth.

Why should I get a mold test?

Mold testing isn’t just about confirming its presence; it helps identify the specific type and its potential health risks. This information is crucial for determining the right course of action, whether it’s DIY cleaning or professional remediation. Think of it as an investment in your health and peace of mind.

What types of mold tests do you offer?

We offer different options depending on your needs. Air sampling analyzes airborne mold spores, while surface sampling (swab) focuses on specific areas you suspect might be harboring mold. Bulk sampling, where a small piece of material is removed, might be needed for further analysis of specific areas.

What types of mold can you identify?

Our lab analysis can identify a wide range of mold types, from common ones like Cladosporium and Aspergillus to rarer and potentially more hazardous ones like Stachybotrys. Rest assured, we have the expertise to recognize them all.

What happens after the mold test is complete?

Once the lab analysis is complete, you’ll receive a detailed report outlining the presence and type of mold found, if any. We’ll then schedule a consultation to discuss the results, answer your questions, and recommend the best approach for addressing the situation, whether it’s simple cleaning or professional remediation.

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