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#1 Water Damage Restoration in Harrison

Are you experiencing flooding in your basement or your floors? Don’t know whom to reach out to make your water damaged property restored? Call The Restoration Group.

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Water Damage Restoration


The Restoration Group – Trusted Partner for Performing Water Damage Restoration

Has your property recently been flooded with water and you’re not sure what to do! Well, you don’t have to spend hours second guessing what’s the best course of action. Just save our number on speed-dial and call our water damage restoration service in Harrison today. We provide you with a comprehensive water damage restoration service where our staff takes care of all your water damage needs. Let’s clear the water damaged property for good. Our certified water damage experts are only a phone call away.  


Why Choose Us?

The Restoration Group has been helping with water damaged properties in Harrison for a long period. We are skilled, certified and professionally adept to perform water damage restoration in Harrison. Not only are our experienced staff fully equipped, but we have performed the job so many times that we are now well versed in handling such situations. Your water damage situation is because of a water leak or flooding, either way, we are skilled to handle any water damage situation with ease.  

Now you don’t have to spend hours waiting for help to arrive. Just call our staff & get your property restored with our water damage restoration service today!  

Commercial Water Damage Restoration
Water Damage Restoration In Allendale


We Are a 24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration Service in Harrison

What makes us special is our quick response service when it comes to water damage restoration. Whether it’s day or night, a holiday or any other day, we are available around the clock. We are a 24/7 water damage restoration service in Harrison ready to assist you with all your water damage needs. Our staff is well equipped and have the necessary expertise to remove stagnant water from any water damaged surface. We not only clear the water damage, but we also assist you with insurance claim. We make the claim process as easy as it gets, and our experienced staff also help with content restoration.  

If you’re looking for a complete water damage restoration expert in Harrison? The Restoration Group is the best option for you.  


We Are Certified Technicians Skilled at Clearing Standing Water

Whether dirty water or flood water is present within your basement, or any other part of your house, we are your ultimate destination for all water damage restoration requirements. Our staff has the best equipment, that uses high powered suction units to clear outstanding water from your premises for good. Not only that, but we also ensure that all your surface is permanently cleaned from contamination. After all, your health matters, and we don’t want you to suffer with allergies or other illnesses later.  

We are not only certified, but we also have performed cleaning in an ecofriendly manner. Looking for a trusted & reliable water damage restoration service in Harrison 

Residential water damage restoration
Residential Restoration


The Restoration Group – The Top Choice for Water Damage Restoration

We are a family owned and operated water damage restoration service in Harrison. Our services are not only limited to Harrison, but we serve across the New Jersey region. What makes us special? It’s our commitment to deliver the best quality service to people in need. Our staff aims to deliver par excellent water damage restoration. We are fully equipped and can perform water damage restoration in the best way.   

Looking for the right company to serve you in your hour of need? Call our staff today!  

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