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#1 Water Damage Restoration Service in Ridgewood

We take care of fire, mold, and water damage restoration across tri-state areas.

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Water Damage Restoration

A Premier Water Damage Restoration in Ridgewood

A Highly Trusted Water Damage Restoration Service in Ridgewood

Facing water damage in your Ridgewood home can be scary and confusing. Let’s admit it: you probably have a million questions swirling around in your head – “Where’s the leak coming from?”, “Will my belongings be, okay?”, “Can I even afford this?”  

At The Restoration Group, we understand that. That’s why we’re more than just a restoration company – we’re your partner in this stressful time. Our Ridgewood team is filled with certified professionals who have seen it all, and they’ll treat your home with the same care and respect they would treat their own.  

We’ll explain everything clearly, work directly with your insurance company, and focus on getting your life back to normal as quickly and smoothly as possible.  

You won’t be left hanging – we’ll be there every step of the way.  

Trust The Restoration Group to handle the water damage so you can focus on what matters most – your family and your peace.  

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Why Choose Restoration Group for Water Damage Restoration in Ridgewood NJ?

100% satisfaction Guaranteed

Licensed & Secured

Locally Owned & Operated

24/7 Emergency Restoration Service

Certified Technicians

Streamlined Insurance Partnerships

Proven Success Record

Trusted by Homeowners & Businesses​

A Certified Water Damage Restoration in Ridgewood NJ

We Are Partnered with the Right Insurance Company

We know dealing with water damage is already a hassle, and fighting with insurance can feel like another hurdle. That’s why we’ve partnered with reputable insurance companies here in Ridgewood NJ. Whether you have a small puddle from a leaky faucet or a larger mess with dirty water stains, our water damage restoration service in Ridgewood can work directly with your adjuster. We’ll handle the paperwork and explain everything clearly so you can focus on getting your home back to normal.  

Our goal is to take the stress out of reclaiming what’s rightfully yours on your insurance policy – a restored and safe living space. 

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

At The Restoration Group, we understand the urgency of water damage. That’s why our Ridgewood team follows a proven process to get your home back the way it was.  

First, we’ll find out the source of the water and do what we can to stop it at the source. Then, we will use advanced extraction techniques to remove all standing water, may it be clear or dirty.  

Next, we’ll target complete drying with professional dehumidifiers and air movers to prevent mold contamination.  

During the process, we’ll thoroughly find the damage and determine the best course of action for cleaning, sanitizing, or even removing salvageable materials.  

Finally, our restoration experts in Ridgewood will work their magic, repairing or reconstructing damaged walls, floors, and ceilings to bring your home back to its pre-water damage condition.  

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Focus on Your Well Being

Get Water Damage Restoration Done in Ridgewood from Us

We understand that water damage emergencies are more than just a physical problem – they can be incredibly stressful and disrupt your entire life. Here at The Restoration Group, we go beyond just being a restoration service; we’re your partner in getting you through trying times. Our Ridgewood team is made up of certified professionals who have handled all kinds of water damage situations. They bring years of experience & knowledge to the table, making sure they handle every water damage situation with ease. We understand clear communication is key during trying times. Let us explain everything in easy-to-understand terms, right from the beginning till the very end of the restoration process.  

We respect the emotional attachment people have to their homes; therefore, we make it our goal to clean your home in a way that appears spotlessly clean and clear.   

Our goal is more than just restoring your home; it’s about restoring your peace of mind. 

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